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North, Ohio 
Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Pittsburgh


Southwest, Ohio
Columbus, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis


$339 – $459 a night
(Average cost is $540 per night with taxes, cleaning and short term rental fees.)
If one location is booked for the night you want, please check the other location.



Your royal private suite has over 2,000 square feet of luxurious décor, secret passages, hidden tunnels, themed rooms and interactive couple experiences that await you (provided you work together to solve the clues that allow you to find your rooms!). Become one another’s muse in this pampered journey of ultimate comfort, excitement, laughter, relaxation and romance. Our romantic adventure getaway Airbnbs are designed for those that want to escape their daily routine and add some spice to their togetherness while having a super special experience they will never forget. The King Louis XIV suite includes the following experiences:

The Salvador Body Room

Follow the clues to unlock this hidden body painting experience that will leave you with a wall painting for you to take home the next day. Warm paints, warm bodies and some working together will allow you to create a masterpiece. You are going to love this! *Canvas sold separately at checkout

Himalayan Sea Salt Cave of Tranquility

If you find this cave, your body will thank you a thousand times over as it will experience Halogenic Therapy while sitting in luxurious Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chairs. As the cave air is diffused with salt, negative ions will be released and you will feel calm and rejuvenated, preparing your body for the next room you will find.

The Versailles Bed

Apart from being THE LARGEST BED in the state of Ohio, this elegant juggernaut of seduction has a chest of treasures waiting to be unlocked! What you find inside will create more than a giggle or two. There may be a WARNING label, use caution.

The Prom Night Experience

When you unlock this room, you step back in time to a night to remember. Decorated as one of the most famous prom’s in history, this room has a list and will play the top prom songs from the year you graduated…or call out the first dance at your wedding to relive that special moment.

The Purple Potion Room

Complete tasks given to you in the Prom Room, and a hidden entrance will reveal a massage table, body oils and multiple massage guns.

Mayan Rainforest Jet Tub Experience

This made-for-two bathing experience is one of the most luxurious water experiences you can ever have. The ceiling rainfall shower and 16 jet massagers make washing away the rainbow colors you acquired from the Salvador Body room just as much fun as it was putting them on. Music, aromatherapy, hydro-foot massage and a steam bath make this the perfect place to sip some bubbly while soaking in bubbles. Most guests will visit the Mayan Rainforest more than once during their adventure!


Double the number of riddles and clues than the King Louis suite, and with even more couples’ experiences, this action packed adventure of romance will have you laughing and giggling like newlyweds while you enjoy the pleasure of lounging in a treasure-filled pampered palace! Lush robes, pillows galore, multiple genie massage experiences and the Deep Sea Salt Spa Bubble Bath will grant you every wish of relaxation that you have ever had… only if you can work together to solve all the riddles and clues to the secrete passages, tunnels and the slide that lead to your rooms! Prepare for a night of epic fun and relaxation that will be etched into your mind for eternity! The Genie Romance Suite comes with these experiences:

Flying Carpet Bed

Collect all three magic lamps and you will be shown how to make your flying carpet bed actually fly! This one of a kind experience will have you become lost in a universe of stars and delight as “Whole New World” opens up to you! A treasure trove of giggles are promised to you when you discover what the bed does. Hang on tight!

Bucking Bronco Flying Carpet Selfie Challenge

After diving into our wardrobe and coming out looking like Genies, you two will recreate a photo of almost getting thrown off a flying carpet ride that went wild! We promise you the laughter and fun from the photo you take, will be epic! (Pssst… your partner will play along as the passageway to the next experience won’t reveal itself until this challenge is complete.)

Sea Salt Spa Bubble Bath

Sprinkle in Sea Salts and prepare to play and relax in over 3 million bubbles! This two-person jet tub is an oasis of pampering pleasure that you will never want to leave. Soak in a foamy ocean of minerals that will leave your skin silky smooth. The 16 turbo jets will work their wonders as you sip on your favorite libation and toast the finer things in life!

Cupping Therapy

Offered at some of the most elite spas around the world, you can now try Cupping. Some believe that Cupping helps balance yin and yang, or the negative and positive, within the body. Restoring balance between these two extremes is thought to help with the body’s resistance to pathogens, as well as its ability to increase blood flow and reduce pain. Experience this ancient art together in the Couples Cupping Room… if you
 find it!

The Karaoke Room

Solve Alibaba’s riddles and make your way to a room that will have you choose the right song to sing to one another. Complete this task correctly and slide into the unknown. Sometimes you have to sing to make someone’s heart sing… this is one of
 those times!

Sultan's Foot Massage

This larger-than-life Genie Couch is ready to be conquered! Surrounded by treasure and glowing Genie Lamps, enjoy royal foot massages that will make your feet feel like they are walking on clouds.

Massage Wands

Fancy massage machines await you! Take turns delivering deep tissue relaxation with our magic massage wands. Your wish is your partner’s command. Let your troubles slide away with the wave of a wand!

The Chocolate Fondue Experience

One large yoga mat bed. One warming dish full of melted chocolate and strawberry syrup. One can of whipped cream. Multiple sprinkle shakers. One incredible night to remember.

*Syrup Package sold separately at checkout

The Salvador Body Room

Follow the clues to unlock this hidden body painting experience that will leave you with a wall painting for you to take home the next day. Warm paints, warm bodies and some working together will allow you to create a masterpiece. Get as messy as you want in color and let us clean it up! You are going to love this!
*Canvas sold separately at checkout


Deep in the heart of a tropical jungle you will find secret passages that lead you on a journey of pulse-pounding adventure and relaxation! Show up exactly at checkin time to fully experience the epic story you two will create. Conquering riddle after riddle, you will explore your way through these legendary experiences:

Jungle Bed

Straight out of a Tarzan movie, this Peruvian rainforest love nest will be a pure, uncharted adventure for you two! Your night of solving ancient riddles and exploring the jungle has you ending up here, where romantic presents await you… if you find them. Your final challenge of the night will be to tame “The Purring Tiger 2000”, a one-of-a-kind device we designed that will surprise and… delight you!

The Golden Idol Selfie Challenge

Laughter will abound as you don adventure clothing to recreate the famous Dr. Jones Idol Swap. Study our picture with intent and then set out to recreate this iconic moment.

**To get to this room, bow and arrow skills may be required.

Mayan Jet Tub Experience

The centered ceiling nozzle of this two-person water playground will make it feel like you are actually showering in a tropical rainforest! The numerous body jets will untangle any real-world stress during your adventure. With the press of a button, your entire cabana tub becomes a steamy sauna to relax in. Make sure to break from your adventure to explore all its many functions.

Ionic Foot Detox Tiki Room

Enjoy the benefits of ions pulling negative toxins from your body. Touted as a royal treatment at many resorts, this relaxing therapy will not only rid your body of negative energy, but will leave your feet feeling like they were just born!

Amazon Waterfall Love Vow Altar

Tunnel your way to a tropical waterfall where the Love Vow Altar awaits you. With your wedding or favorite song playing in the background, you each spend a few minutes in separate corners writing out your appreciatory love vows to one another. You then climb the altar to share them in front of The Giant Moai.

Butterfly Massage Chair Forest

Hidden deep in the jungle exists a haven of legendary relaxation. If you find this forest, your bodies will be floating in Zero Gravity Massage Chairs while receiving Full Body Shiatsu Massages. Locate the Staff of Ra on the sandy floor of the forest to decipher where your next surprise lies.

Earth Works Pottery Room

Conquer the Jungle Slide and you will be dropped into the Pottery Room where two clay spinning wheels wait to be dominated. Work together to figure out how to create, and then take home, pottery as wonderful keepsakes of your adventure. From rose vases, to the Holy Grail, your pottery creativity will be unleashed!



You no longer need to buy a plane ticket to experience the romance of Paris! With great detail, we recreated the city of love’s top attractions for your indulgence and pleasure. Whisk your lover away for an unforgettable night of adventure and romance in the largest suite we have ever created! Laughter, giggles, handholding, gasps of “Wowww, are you kidding me?” and resort-pampered pleasure are all in store for you in this personalized, epic escapade!

Imperial Parisian Cake Bed

Shhhhh, this delicious delight has secret surprises for you! Made with love, this homage to Marie Antoinette will let you sleep like royalty. Located in the enormous Hall of Mirrors bedroom, time will stand still as your love reflects from every wall.

The Beast's Ball Selfie Challenge

To progress to the next room, you must don 16th-century formal wear and recreate a well-known picture that takes place at a ball. Get lost in this whimsical challenge that will create a picture that proves you will do anything for your love! You two are going to look so royally gorgeous!!!!


This romantic haven of warm bubbles, pulsating jets and radiating steam is the ultimate couples’ experience. The enchantment of this magical bath will call to you more than once during your stay as you unwind in a world of pure delight.


Outlawed in France, but tolerated due to it’s popularity there, Reiki is an energy healing technique in which you use gentle hand movements to guide the flow of healthy energy over your partner’s body to reduce stress and promote healing. Follow our instructions and practice on one another while experiencing the benefits of aromatherapy.


Enjoy total body relaxation while taking in the top works of art at the Louvre. Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chairs are waiting to get to know every muscle in your body. The time spent in these high end chairs will put you on cloud nine. To quench the thirst of your inquisitive mind, we created a short video of art facts that dig deep into the lustrous, hidden history behind the artists and their masterpieces.


We arranged front-row seats for the tow of you at the most popular cabaret in the world! A must-see destination in Paris with hard-to-get tickets will be marked off your adventure bucket list! Learn the history of this historically-renown establishment while attempting a challenge that promises to have you applauding for your partner as their biggest fan!! The giggles you share here make this room a fan favorite!


Enjoy having morning coffee at the base of the Eiffel Tower in a Parisian cafe!


With warm paints, create a beautiful masterpiece that you will smile at every time you see it! Your bodies will look like they slid down a rainbow into a bowl of lucky charms! Take turns grabbing each other by the ankles and using one another as paint brushes to create a 2’x 3′ colorful composition that you will be proud to hang in the foyer!

*Paint Package sold separately at checkout


Laugh, giggle and unleash your inner artist by dipping your hands in our casting mold kit. Let it set overnight and unveil your masterpiece in the morning. Take it home and set it on your mantel as a memory of your epic night of adventure.

*Casting kit sold separately at checkout


If Pirates of the Caribbean and The Goonies got together and had a love child, this suite would be it!
Work together to complete challenges and solve riddles that require communication and strategy to unlock surprise after surprise in this whimsical night of laughter and romance! Will you make it all the way through to find One-Eyed Willie’s Treasure? Your night of unforgettable memory-making will include these romantic and fun experiences:

Royal Pirate Ship Bed

Towering over 11’ at its highest point, this enormous sea-roaming vessel of love takes up an entire room! Cast away on a voyage you and your lover will never forget! What secrets does this Spanish treasure ship hold? Work together to find out!

Captain Morgan’s Selfie Challenge

Fancy yourself with the plunder of your exploits and then pose  to our instructions to conquer this challenge! Complete it successfully to discover where you ship sails next.


Built for the captain and her/his first mate, this multi-jet lagoon of pleasure will be one of your many playgrounds of the night. Water massages, a jungle ceiling rainfall shower and an all-enclosed steam bath will have you so relaxed, you won’t blink an eye at walking the plank!


Pirates got plenty of vitamin D from the sun, but what about red light therapy? Rejuvenate your gorgeous smile, improve your battle scars, decrease joint inflammation and help get rid of those age spots with this resort experience. One massage table. Several massage guns. Two happy pirates.


Float amoung the clouds while enjoying Zero Gravity, Full Body, Shiatsu Massages while watching a video that uncovers the weird, wicked and wonky facts about the adventurous life of a pirate.


Ever want to be on a live game show? Well, now you can! Are daring enough to invite your friends and family to watch? If you like, make a video call and place your phone in front of a camera that only you can see. Get dressed up in your favorite Pirate Game Show Gear and dance to the music as the two of you “Come on Down” to compete on a live game show that will test your trivia knowledge about each other, 80s pop culture and a movie we all love!!! (PG Rated.)


Arrrrghhh Matey!!!! Every seafaring buccaneer needs a proper pirate name and skin mark to make a legend of themselves. This is where ye will find them!


Make the biggest mess of your life with our warm paints and we will clean it up! Your bodies will look like they slid down a rainbow into a bowl of lucky charms! Take turns grabbing each other by the ankles and using one another as paint brushes to create a 2’x 3′ colorful composition that you will be proud to hang in the foyer!

*Paint Package sold separately at checkout


Bracelets, rings and necklaces have been some of the booty you are searching for, now work together to
create customized, wearable art.

* Jewerly-making experience sold separately after checkout


All your efforts will lead to One-Eyed Willie’s Treasure where you have the possibility of taking home some of his booty as a memento of your magical stay at Treasure Island!


Natalie Thompson
Natalie Thompson
Booked this getaway for My husband & I anniversary!! The best experience ever!! Filled with lots of fun, romance, and relaxation!! Definitely going to come back and try the other rooms!!
Sarah Rissler
Sarah Rissler
We loved our adventure. It was a lot of fun. We did the Paradise Lost adventure which is Indiana Jones themed. The puzzles were challenging and required some thought. We loved the secret passages and the slide. Everything was beautiful and romantic. We loved our experience!
Nate Robinson
Nate Robinson
We booked the Paradise Lost and had an absolute blast! The puzzles were fun and on theme. We loved discovering the next room. We enjoyed our time together of fun and relaxation. Can't wait to book our next adventure!!
Sarah Gillette
Sarah Gillette
My husband and I had an amazing time visiting paradise lost. Everything was set up beautifully and the clues were tricky, but so fun! We will definitely visit again! My husband even left behind a watch and a ring, and the staff were able to mail it back to our home! Thanks again!
Veronica Bean
Veronica Bean
I surprised my husband with this overnight adventure and he didn’t have a clue where we were headed or what was in store for us which added to the element of surprise and excitement! I don’t think anything would’ve made this night any more perfect! It was just what we needed to get out of the little rut we found ourselves in after being together for 11 years, taking care of kids, working full-time jobs, etc. This is such a fun way to reconnect and the suite will keep you busy so there’s no need to even leave! We ordered pizza because we didn’t want to waste any time outside of our suite! We couldn’t believe the amount of thought and creativity that was put into this and we’re excited to go back and try the other rooms! If you’re thinking about booking a suite, be like Nike and Just Do It! You won’t regret it! We made memories to last a lifetime!
Candice Porto
Candice Porto
I booked the Paradise Lost room as a surprise for my husband for our 5th wedding anniversary, and I am SO happy I did!! Each puzzle and room were so well done and on theme. There were a lot more rooms and puzzles than I expected; we were constantly amazed, there were lots of laughs, and even some tears. Overall it was the perfect overnight trip to have fun and reconnect. Also, I have to say the amenities were so thoughtful and really show how much thought and care went into creating this experience, there were glasses, plates, silverware, snacks, and even contact solution. We can't wait to come back and stay in the other suites! My only disclaimer would be that you have to be very able-bodied, there are traps, slides, ladders, tunnels, and small dark spaces you have to navigate.
Christine W
Christine W
I surprise my husband after seeing one of their ads on Instagram and I am so glad we book this! It was so fun to connect again especially when you’re a busy full-time working family and you just need to get away for a night to connect with your Significant other! We found ourselves, laughing, smiling, and even tearing up on some of the activities and feeling a sense of extreme intimacy and closeness. I have a feeling this is going to be part of a yearly tradition where we get away And connect. I am super excited to try the other rooms definitely should book don’t hesitate! The rooms are clean and the activities are fun!!!
Krissy Stern
Krissy Stern
I booked the king Louis suite months ago and didn’t tell my partner anything. I love the discretion! No billboard advertisements, no sign in front of the home, nothing to give him any hints! When we got to the house he was slightly disappointed that I caused such a hype over what he thought was a typical airbnb but when we went inside and unlocked the magic, he was so excited!! We had such a fun night exploring and really connecting! The room was so creative and provided us hours upon hours of fun! You all thought of everything to make the experience truly unique! We hope to try another room in the future and are so very happy with all the memories we made. Book the room take the adventure it’s so worth it!!
Cody Jackson
Cody Jackson
This place is amazing, we stayed at the paradise lost (not our first pick originally) and were astonished about how they utilize their space for entertainment. So many surprises and shock factors to this room it’s unreal. Best time we’ve had on a date night and can’t wait to try out the rest of them!
AO TheSavageGemini
AO TheSavageGemini
My husband and I just had the most unique experience ever staying at this hotel. By far my most favorite hotel experience. We want to make this a yearly thing now. It had us laughing and giggling like we were kids/ young and in the beginning of our relationship all over again. I think we were up until 3am just laughing and having so much fun. I think this experience alone helped us re-kindle/ improve on the flame we already had burning for each other. *side story: We love each other but I felt this past year really emotionally hit me that I know I probably wasn't the most emotionally available for my husband This past year had been rough with my dad passing, then 2 weeks after his passing I had been in an accident with a semi (luckily only walking away with some minor aches and bruising only), then as exciting as expanding our family has been, having become pregnant at the time it however was a miserable and not fun experience having had hypermesis gravidarum my whole pregnancy ( nausea & vomitting excessively) that this just helped re-connect us in ways that needed reconnecting. It really made us working together but also felt like a way to slow down time & really enjoy each other again and be in the moment with each other. We loved every moment of this experience! Oh, & the 11am closing time warning song that came on 10-20 minutes before check out needed to be had was probably the best added touch to the whole thing. 😅 Definitely brought a chuckle. It was like everything that could be thought of for an experience had been thought of to very littlest of details (best attention of details). I also, love that the whole experience is self guided from the time you get there to the time you leave. It makes it truly feel like an adventure. We did have a little hiccup getting in when we first arrived but they were so very quick to help, quick at responding, and you could just sense the care & patience they have. They truly care and want to give you a great experience. 💙 We are looking forward to our next adventure (we want to experience every room they have, & look forward to future ones they have yet to come)and will defiently be suggesting this experience to others. Suggestion for a room idea I hope to see... Under the sea/Mermaid themed. I love The Little Mermaid/ Disney fan & loved our Genie suite and how it connected with Aladdin.

Our guests are friends and family. Please feel free to reach out any time.

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