Romantic Adventure Getaways


*After finding and enjoying your first two experiences, we suggest getting fancied up and having dinner at one of the local restaurants.   

Then come back to your pleasure retreat and laugh and play in paints, more slides and hidden rooms, and unravel the multiple surpises we have for you.    

(If you book Treasure Island and do not arrive exactly at 5 pm, you may want to order in or quickly grab something to eat before you come as this suite has the most riddles and action of all our suites and can play out long into the night.)

* Tell your partner nothing about where you are going, nor what you are about to do and watch their mouth drop open time and time again as they uncover surprise after surprise of pampered, luxurious, couple experiences.  

* To make this one of the most romantic getaways, consider the many optional add-ons that will personalize your experience with love gestures that will show your partner how much they mean to you.  The add-ons will be billed after your stay in case you decide not to use them.    

* If you book the King Louis suite, stop and use the restroom before you arrive as it may take you a while to solve the riddle to get into your suite. 

* Make sure your cellphone is charged as you may need it to use the QR codes that will reveal the answers to the riddles and clues you cannot figure out. 

* Read all instructions, emails and texts before you come, or during your drive.  We try to make this a world of just you two without any engagement from the staff.  When you are stuck on a riddle or clue or something doesn’t work, use the QR codes.  

*Follow the trail of white roses when you enter your suite to take you to your first riddle. 

* Book in advance.

* Information about each suite is found on our home page – keep scrolling down to learn about each suite. 

* Once you book a room, you will be given the option after check out, to add romantic additions to your stay that will be billed after your stay. 

* You will receive emails and texts leading up to your adventure about how to enter and what to expect.

*There is a Pro-Tips sign on the door to your suite.  Please read it before entering your suite. 

We promise you, the more prepped you are for what you are about to do, the more amazing this experience is going to be for you two lovers!   Most guests have never experienced anything like this, and we work hard to surprise you time and time again during your stay.  Following the vision of what we have planned for you will help the magic become real!   You are going to love this!