Romantic Adventure Getaways

Mount Vernon, Ohio

Hillsboro, Ohio


King Louis XIV
Genie Romance
Paradise Lost

206 N. Main St., Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050, United States


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Night In Paris
Treasure Island
Wizard Romance

Romantic Adventures Getaways

309 South High Street, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133, United States


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King Louis Suite

King Louis XIV lived in the lap of luxury and so will you! This suite comes with these private rooms and experiences: The Salvador Body Room, The Prom Room, Himalayan Sea Salt Cave of Tranquility, The Purple Potion Room, Mayan Rainforest Jet Tub Experience and The Versailles Bed (the largest bed in the state of Ohio!).

The Genie Suite

You will be the Sultan’s of your own palace in this world of genie comfort. This treasure-filled suite comes with these private rooms and experiences: The Karaoke Room, The Billion Bubbles Bubble Jet Tub, The Aladdin Cupping Room, The Bucking Bronco Flying Carpet Selfie Room, The Sultan Foot Massage Couch, The Salvador Body Experience, The Chocolate Fondue Room and The Legendary Flying Carpet Bed, it actually flies, except when you are sleeping!

Paradise Lost

 Lovers lost in the jungle will find a pleasurable paradise in this Indiana Jones-themed romantic adventure. Deciphering the riddles and clues will guide you to these resort experiences: The Mayan Rain Forest Jet Tub/Steam Sauna, The Ionic Foot Detox Tiki Room, The Golden Idol Selfie Challenge, The Yanomami Bow & Arrow Alley Challenge, The Amazon Waterfall Love Vow Altar, The Dr. Jones Pottery Room, The Amazon Butterfly Massage Chair Garden …and finally to THE JUNGLE BED!!! (Cue Tarzan’s yell….Ahhhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhh).


Treasue Island

  If Pirates of the Caribbean and The Goonies got together and had a love child, this suite would be it!
Work together to complete challenges and solve riddles that require communication and strategy to unlock surprise after surprise in this whimsical night of laughter and romance! Will you make it all the way through to find One-Eyed Willie’s Treasure? Your night of unforgettable memory making includes unlocking the secrets of the Royal Pirate Ship Bed, completing the Captain Morgan’s Selfie Challenge, rejuvenating in the Scalawag Jet Tube, sampling the benefits of Red Light Therapy, relaxing in Full-body, Zero Gravity, Shiatsu Massage Chairs, competing against one another on the Goo Knees Game Show, getting stamped at the Whale’s Tale Pub, making a take-home masterpiece from warm paints and your bodies in the Salvador Body Room, creating customized pirate bracelets to wear, and taking a home a piece of One-Eyed Willie’s Treasure…if you find it!   

Night in Paris

No longer do you need to buy a plane ticket to experience the romance of Paris! With great detail, we recreated the city of love’s top attractions for your indulgence and pleasure. Whisk your lover away for an unforgettable night of adventure and romance in the largest suite we have ever created! Laughter, giggles, handholding, gasps of “Wowww, are you kidding me?” and resort pampered pleasure are all in store for you in this personalized, epic escapade!

Wizard Romance

This will be our most romantic and adventurous suite to date!!!  This enchanting overnight stay will bring to life to those images that have been floating in your head of the most popular book series of all time!  We are working diligently to create a magical night you will never forget!